ria_headshotHi Ya’ll! I am ‘Ria! Founder of CuteMomBlog.com! I am aspiring to inspire the Cute and sometimes, not so Cute [Mom] in us all! I am the Wife of Luke and Mom of James River.  Since becoming a SAHM I realized how lonely it can be and started this blog to connect with others. From the beginning, I’ve wanted to grow this into a community featuring Moms from all stages in Motherhood. While I love sharing my experiences and stories with others, I feel in order to grow as a person you must open up and let others in. And as they say, “It takes a village!”

So why the name Cute Mom Blog (CMB)? The inspiration behind the name is actually supposed to be a bit sarcastic, if you will. As I am sure all Moms know, once you have a child, strangers come out of NO WHERE to comment, give an opinion and sometimes downright leave you speechless with their statements.  While I am of smaller stature so often confused to be much younger than I am and was constantly being referred to as a “cute mom” from people I didn’t even know! I kept thinking to myself “If ONE more person calls me ‘cute’ I am going to scream!” But then after I pondered it a bit I realized “cute” could have been something WAY worse and that maybe I should just embrace it and to be honest I am sure I am guilty of thinking the same of other moms I saw bouncing around with their babies! So why had “cute” become such an insult to me? Maybe because us women are so much MORE than “CUTE!”

So here we are! In all our CUTE glory!


Aimee Love and Relationship
Life and Relationship

Meet Aimee. She is a California native, UCLA grad, former NYC Weddings and Home Editor at Bridal Guide magazine. With a passion for all things wedding, party and art-related, Aimee’s a sucker for selfies, Westies, DIY decorating and home decor, and anything involving food. Finally putting her art history degree to work at a fabulous art gallery in Laguna Beach, Aimee finds a happy medium between her day job and writing life with her personal blog Restoryed. I met Aimee through Instagram and instantly fell in love with her words and not to mention her {cute} smiling face! I kept thinking she would be PERFECT for writing as a Life and Relationship columnist to add a new dynamic to CMB.  She has so graciously agreed to join this little community as a featured writer and I am delighted to have her!

When asking Aimee to describe herself she so eloquently wrote:  I’m a thinker. A dreamer. A writer. I listen to the words of songs, and they inspire me. I read books, and they give me hope. I believe in rainbows and angels, fairies and pixie dust. I wish on stars. Every night. I believe in lying on the grass and watching the clouds. Putting my toes in the sand and letting moments take my breath away. I believe in smiling at strangers and never, ever taking myself too seriously. I believe in my journey. And that there is no such thing as a small moment. I believe in happy endings. And a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

I also believe in all the shitty, sad and sarcastic stuff that happens to all of us everyday. Those are the gems. And if you don’t want to say it out loud, I’m happy to. I hope it makes your heart feel a little lighter like it does mine. Or at least makes you laugh. (Which only affirmed to me that she was PERFECT for Cute Mom Blog!)

It makes my heart happy to write.

I have a Molly Mac and a Jack Morgan. Two little gremlins that I never thought I ever wanted. Luckily, life happened, and I got out of it’s way. They are the best part of my story.

Find all of Aimee’s beautiful words here —–> https://www.facebook.com/restoryed/?fref=ts


cmb_caroline_headshotMeet Caroline! The one Mom friend EVERYONE needs in their life and I am delighted to share her with you! I have referenced her over and over on CMB and how much she helps me and truly a lot of the advice I am writing comes directly from Caroline, or “Mama C” as I so lovingly call her now! For so long now, I have secretly been wanting her to join CMB and for some reason the stars aligned and BAM! I snagged her! I am so humbled and seriously excited to add her dynamic to CMB!

 Here’s a little about Caroline:

Hi everyone, I’m Caroline! I am a native Texan/Georgia transplant, currently living in the Atlanta suburbs with my husband, two toddlers and two crazy dogs. My son, Jackson, will be three in November and my daughter, Sawyer, is 16 months so life is anything but boring these days. Wine, Amazon, and Bravo TV keep me (somewhat) sane.

Maria was one of the first friends I met upon moving to Atlanta. We went from bar hopping post graduates to career women to wives and now, we have embarked on this journey of motherhood together. To say that I am beyond grateful for our friendship is an understatement. She is one of those mom friends you can call on the hard days that never judges if you cave and give your two year-old pizza for breakfast because you are so tired of fighting every.damn.thing or let Disney Junior be the afternoon baby sitter. Let’s face it, we all love our kids but everyone has these days. I am very excited to be partnering up with CMB because it’s message represents the rawness of motherhood. As I always say, being a mother is the most rewarding yet thankless job. Please check back in the next few days to read my first blog post!

Meet Brittany, one of my oldest and dearest friends. I met Brittany in college and immediately fell in love with her kind soul and sweet nature. Even though we actually went to different schools, in different towns and have never actually lived in the same zip code (no where even close, to be honest) we have remained friends after all of these years. Brittany was raised in a suburb of Atlanta, GA, attended Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah GA, where she received her Bachelors in Radiological Technology. After graduation she moved to North Carolina where she works as a Radiation Therapist, fell in love, had a beautiful little boy named Sawyer. Brittany has called North Carolina home for 9 years now.

Eleven months after the birth of their son, Brittany’s husband suddenly passed away in the middle of the night. He was young, spirited, healthy, an amazing husband, father and friend. I asked Brittany to join CMB because I felt like it could be an outlet for her to connect with others who have experienced this type of loss, or any loss for that matter. CMB is for every Mom, no matter what the story may be and having Brittany here with us just elevates us that much higher. She shares a part of life that no one would expect and she’s taking us along on her journey as she finds way to cope with grief, raise her son and to find a way to love again in unexpected places.

Here’s a little from Brittany on what she hopes you get from her writing: