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Budget Friendly Premium Diapers: Wal-Mart Parent’s Choice

I’d often noticed the Parent’s Choice brand while shopping at Wal-Mart but didn’t know much about it. Since switching to the Parent’s Choice Premium Diapers, I have learned so much about their brand and what they represent. The first thing I did was compare the price to my current diapers. They were a fraction of the price! I went to to check reviews (duh) and I couldn’t believe what they were saying! After many Moms saying they loved the Parent’s Choice over the more pricey diapers, I realized there had to be SOMETHING I was missing out on…and I don’t like missing a good deal!


I found out that the Premium Diapers are a new addition to the Parent’s Choice line. They are available in select stores and on and offer a number of high-quality features, especially for babies with sensitive skin:

· Made with Walmart’s 360 Pro Skin technology and designed with your baby’s ultimate comfort and skin care in mind.

· Super absorbent, breathable materials and a highly absorbent core offer up to 12 hours of dryness.

· Made for gentle skin and have an anti-leakage barrier that is designed to be ultra-effective around your baby’s legs.

· Dermatologically tested, lotion-free and ideal for babies in their first stage.

Once we got our new Premium Choice Diapers, I couldn’t wait to give them a try. Since my son is close to potty training and in the largest size diapers, I couldn’t believe how much our previous brand diapers were going up in price for the amount I was getting. Our diaper budget was definitely getting out of control.  With a little hesitation of trying something new, I immediately relaxed when I noticed how soft they were. They were different than any other diaper I had felt before. They were the perfect fit and after a few days of trying them, we had no leaks, no overnight accidents or crazy blow outs! W I N  W I N!

Every parent knows diapers are a B I G  D E A L. It can mean, not breaking your budget, getting the right kind for your baby’s sensitive skin and it can make or break you in a time of dire poop disasters! We’ve always used a certain brand of diapers since my son was born, mainly because it’s what our family always used, so we did too. That is, until we partnered with Wal-Mart and found out about their Parent’s Choice premium diapers. It couldn’t have come at a better time to start using them. They freed up our budget to help with holiday shopping this year. I just couldn’t believe the deal you get with Parent’s Choice and the quality is superb! If you’re looking for something to get a new family for Christmas or just wanting to start saving in other places, you have to give these Parents Choice Premium Diapers a try!

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