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Bust A Move with Yo Baby||

After posting on the Babywearers Internatinoal-Atlanta Facebook page thanking them for their help with my Lenny Lamb, I was invited by one of the page followers, Kyla Kahn to join their Cobb Babywearing Dance Workout classes at Linked Athletics. Being a Zumba enthusiast and an out of shape instructor I thought it would be fun to give it a shot! Linked Athletics is located in East Cobb County, which is a little bit of a hike for me, but the Saturday 11 a.m. class makes it much more convenient.

Kyla (left) and her sister (Mia) photo courtesy of Kyla Kahn

I arrived a little early to introduce myself to Kyla who immediately made me feel welcome. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for a postpartum Mom looking to get back in to a workout routine. I let Kyla know I was a washed up Zumba instructor but would be happy to brush off my dancing shoes if she needed any help. Kyla was awesome and knew all of the fun, new dance moves along with some original moves of her own! The 4 of us shimmy and shaked the hour away!

Left to Right: Ria (me), Kyla, Mia & Rebecca (photo courtesy of Kyla Kahn)

The Experience 

The babywearing dance class was so much fun! I highly recommend for anyone looking to have a little fun, get fit and meet other Moms! It really added a fun dynamic having River with me.  I have been wanting to get back in to a gym but having River full time has made it a little difficult. Being able to have him with me as well as include him was such a perk!

At the end Kyla was so kind and asked me if I would like to lead a dance or 2 to end the class. I was slightly terrified at first. It had been a while since I had led a class much less with a 16 lb baby strapped to my chest! However, I somehow mustered up the courage and jumped right back into the spirit of Zumba that I have always loved! <3

At first, when I saw this picture Luke snapped of me, I burst out laughing at myself. I was half a second away from deleting at what first seemed like a blurry, unflattering picture of myself to realizing it showed the pure joy I was feeling on my face. I love to dance. I always have. It definitely was an extra challenge having him strapped to me but boy did I enjoy it!




It was such a fun bonding time with River and the company was even better! I can’t thank Kyla enough for asking me to join them for the class. It was the most fun I had in a while! At the end of the class Kyla held a cool down/baby stretching segment. River loved it!



See Ya Saturday?!

So as luck would have it I accidentally left my old phone that had my playlist on it at the gym. I honestly had not even realized it until Kyla contacted me 3 days later letting me know. However, I see it as a sign to get me back and enjoy another Saturday with these ladies even if I have to drive a little far for it!

So if you are a babywearing mom in the Cobb county area come give Cobb Babywearing Workouts at Linked Athletics a shot! You just might have fun, burn some calories and meet some new friends!



  • Great to have you share. Years ago my mom would say “Life is short. Live passionately”.

  • So nice of you to tell your perspective. Love it when people keep it real.


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