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Beach Trip Made Easy With My JJ Cole Diaper Bag

Every Mom knows traveling with children can be incredibly stressful. Not only do you have the task of literally packing everything you own, you also have to figure out how to do it efficiently. Anything that makes life easier and helps contain the organized chaos is something all of us continually seek. That’s why I was SO excited to partner with JJ Cole to give one of their diaper bags a try on our latest vacation.

As I ran around like a crazy person preparing for our trip, I immediately noticed that my JJ Cole bag was holding everything I needed to get us through the dreaded airport travel and plane rides. Snacks, diapers, wipes, extra clothing, my personal items, travel documents as well as a few toys to keep our little travel buddy entertained fit perfectly and the added pockets helped me keep everything nicely contained and easily accessible.

I chose the JJ Cole Arrington bag in onyx and ivory because it compliments my need for effortless style and equips us for our own-the-go lifestyle.  I realized quickly that my JJ Cole bag was basically the perfect diaper bag for traveling and it even had these ingenious straps for clipping it to your stroller.  SCORE! I had so many moms asking me where I got my clips from when strolling through the airport as they awkwardly fumbled around to access their own bags.  I loved telling them how much easier JJ Cole had made my life while traveling!

One perk I had not even anticipated was how easily this bag goes to the beach. It’s the perfect beach bag as well as diaper bag. It was so awesome that I didn’t have to worry about packing ANOTHER bag to take to the beach and pool everyday. It held extra everything from towels, dry clothes, shoes, a book for me to read (HA, as if I would be able to read a book with a toddler! Wishful thinking) and toys! The best part was the Arrington JJ Cole bag was made from the perfect, sand friendly material. It barely picked up any sand and what little it did, was easily wiped off! Another WIN-WIN!

I am truly impressed with the functionality and fashionable aspects of my JJ Cole bag! The great news is that you can find your perfect JJ Cole bag at Babies “R” Us! What are some must-have features you look for in a diaper bag?

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