3 Tips on Thrifty Chic Finds


The Moms of CMB LOVE a great bargain and Aimee is a thrift shop expert! She wanted to share her super easy tips to keep in mind when trying to find the perfect thrifty chic find! Also, I can’t help but listen to Macklemore as I prepare this blog post!

From Aimee: These #bebe billowy pinstripe pants were $2 and everyone keeps asking me what my “trick” is to finding all these pieces, so here’s my top 3 thrifting tips:

(Please keep in mind, I’ve never been a thrifter!)

1. Know Your Brands & Style

Figure out your go-to brands and what compliments your personal style and body type. I can spot a Billabong hoodie or a pair of J Crew capris from across the room. At 37, I know what works and what doesn’t and I’ve given up on my dreams of braless tanks and rompers!

2. Thrift in Affluent Areas

Frequent thrift stores or consignment shops in affluent areas, even if you have to make a trip out of it. My fave spot is in Dana Point, which is peppered with multi-million dollar homes (of which I don’t live!) and women that like to shop and not wear last seasons clothes. Me? I’m totally good with whatever season these women are over!

3. Be Swift When You Thrift

Be patient but swift-I scan every single article of clothing on a rack and it really only takes about 10 minutes. If it’s not perfect, I keep looking.



Petite Halogen Pants $1!

That’s it! Those are my big secrets. Mostly, it’s knowing my body and what I’m comfortable in. Try not to get overwhelmed with all of the clutter. Just go for what
works and compliments you the best!







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