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Hey Ya’ll! Thanks for dropping by for the first Mom Squad Series feature!! I have been putting this together for a little while now and I am so excited to finally launch it! I quickly realized that becoming a stay-at-home Mom is probably one of the loneliest professions in the world. Even though your child is always with you there’s a disconnect from the outside world and other adults. While I have joined a Mom Group in my area, Riv has just been a little too young until about now to really join in on the play dates and group outings. Connecting with other Mom Bloggers and SAHM through Instagram and Facebook has been an amazing outlet to find a little “Mom Squad” and not feel so alone. That’s what this series is all about! Collaborating and getting to know others on a personal level.

Now let’s get started! If you are on Instagram I am sure you have been contacted, liked or commented on by a “fitness Coach” of some sort. They are everywhere inspiring and encouraging others to join them on the road to a more healthy lifestyle. I think that what these women are doing is amazing. I connected with one of the coaches just on a personal level and decided to team up with her and document my experience for others who may be interested.  I also wanted to support her as a Mom, entrepreneur and now my friend.

While I have to admit for the first time in my life I truly respect my body now that it has created the miracle of life and I no longer really see “fat” or “out of shape” or the boocoodles of other names I could give myself but there are times when I feel I am getting down on myself. My body has changed now that I have had River. I don’t know if my tummy will ever be the same but I sure as hell am going to try to achieve the best for myself. What I want to take away from this is a lifestyle change, get back on track with my fitness and clean eating and for my son to see a strong, confident woman. I want to ensure he never hears me discussing my weight and/or body shaming myself (or others).

That’s Where Jess Comes in

Everyone, meet Jess Schmidt. She is a no-bullshit kick ass woman with abs that just won’t quit. She has a beautiful baby girl whom she has mentioned on several occasions is her reason and drive for being healthy, becoming her own boss and aspiring to help others reach their goals. Her official title is “BeachBody Coach” and she also promotes and stands behind the Shakeology system. Jess and I connected as Moms on Instagram and were lucky enough to meet up while I was at my parent’s beach house for a mini vacation. I was amazed at how in shape she was just after having her baby and looked up to how dedicated she was to her fitness. While we have become friends she has never once pushed me to join her team or to buy the Shakeology drink. She simply educated me on what the shakes were and just watching her remain consistent everyday really motivated me to join along with her.  


Our littles got to hang out and meet as well. Too much cuteness to handle! But I think it’s safe to say that even though fitness is very much a personal thing the motivation comes so much from these sweet little faces to be the best Mom we can.


Our Plan 

To get started Jess introduced me to her Team page where you can sign up for the Beachbody work out regimens. It’s actually free to sign up for the first month where you can stream on your computer and/or phone 100’s of workouts for free or purchase any of the systems that you might want to try. There is no obligation and can cancel anytime if you are not happy.  I will actually not be doing the Shakeology at this time because I had already purchased Advocare supplements which I am familiar with and I enjoy their meal replacement shakes as well. However, I have heard great things about Shakeology and probably would have tried it if I hadn’t already purchased the Advocare.

She recommended a first workout for me to start with as well as going to share a customized routine for me to mix things up as we go. While I have eaten clean and know how to eat a balanced diet we will be exchanging recipe ideas to keep this fresh for both of us. She recently also came up with a Babywearing strength training routine that I can’t wait to give a shot with my little guy! I will share on a weekly follow ups once I get a chance to do it!

3 Questions for Jess:

-What made you decide to become a Beachbody Coach?

1. The reason I decided to become a coach was of course to help others, but honestly to keep myself accountable. I figured if I’m the one coaching other people and being their inspiration, I have to get my workouts done and eat healthy! If I can’t do it myself, why would I expect them to be able to!?

-What is your favorite thing about being a Coach?

2. My favorite thing about being a coach is the amazing community of women and mom’s I inherited with my team. I have been blessed with an amazing team who shares ideas, information, recipes, and the best of all MOTIVATION!

-What is the one piece of advice you would tell a Mom looking to start a fitness/healthy lifestyle routine?

3. My one piece of advice is get yourself some GOALS and MAKE yourself smash them! It is so much easier to accomplish something when you have an end in sight. Make them achievable, but don’t go too easy on yourself! When you feel like giving up, do 3 more 😉

I have to say I think she is smashing her goals! If you are interested in joining her team as well or just seeing what she is all about give her a follow on Instagram Jess Schmidt. I will be posting workout ideas, recipes and more so stay tuned!

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