Ideas for Creating a Daily Activity Schedule for Infants

Staying at home with your child can sometimes become overwhelming, and if we’re honest, a little boring if you don’t keep things fresh. Infancy is a place where you’re stuck between wanting your child to learn and explore but they aren’t quite ready to really participate in what toddlers can enjoy. So how do you keep your child busy and yourself sane at the same time?

When we added an extra friend to our daily routine it made me realize how much I needed to schedule the day and have activities planned so I am not scrambling to come up with ideas to keep 2 boys under 1 busy for a 10 hour stretch of day. While there is never a perfectly planned day when infants are involved having a guideline helps things go more smoothly!

I believe all learning at this stage should be child led and exploring new concepts should come from fun and primarily play centered activities. Gross and fine motor skill concepts should be implemented to help develop their abilities each day.

Daily Schedule and Activity Guideline:

-Start the day with a nutritious breakfast

-Morning free play and 20 minutes of educational, age appropriate media. (i.e. I like to turn on an episode of Daniel Tiger while the boys play).

-Morning Nap

-Lunch (always nutritious as well)

-1 Hour Theme Centered Activity: I try to rotate toys and themed ideas to engage them in different ways

  • Music time
  • Reading
  • Blocks
  • Puzzles
  • Colors/Animals
  • Art/Crafts (still working to implement these ideas)

Just to name a few to get you started. I will add specific ideas and activities as this series continues. Today I introduced the boys to a bunch of noise making instruments, played children’s music through Pandora and read Little Bunny Foo Foo and Baa Baa Black Sheep, two books that are also songs.

-1 Hour Outdoor Activity: I have to admit this gets complicated when the temperature keeps rising in a Georgia Summer and may be moved earlier in the morning and later in the evening unless I do some sort of water play. I did find a little $10 kiddie pull with a top at T.J Maxx that I am excited to let them play in!

-Free Play/Quiet Time/Light Snack: I like for the boys to be able to wind down, find a little quiet time and snack if needed before afternoon nap.

        -Afternoon Nap


1 Hour Gross/fine Motor Activity: Whether it’s crawling, using a standing walker, sensory toys or dancing and singing silly songs I use this time to let the boys get out as much energy as possible before winding down the end of the day.

While again, not everyday is perfect sticking to a routine helps prepare the boys for traditional education when the time comes and helps me from going crazy trying to keep the boys busy. Since I have been implementing this infant schedule the last 2 weeks our days have gone by with less breakdowns from moments of boredom, faster for me when I have a plan and activities in mind and just all around more pleasant for us a entity.

Stay tuned for weekly updates and activity ideas!

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