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The Perfect Teacher Gift: August Rust

I feel so lucky to be affiliated with August Rust. Ladies, moms, gift-givers—these are your people. I stumbled upon them and am so fortunate to have them as a go-to gift giving ace in my pocket. When I saw this custom, handmade gift from August Rust, I knew I had to order one for my Mini’s Teacher. She was Teacher of the Year for goodness sake! This little gem has been re-purposed and personalized with a #2 pencil, world map, book cover and old school ruler. What I didn’t expect was my Mini’s reaction-she’s so excited to give this, she couldn’t stop smiling. But sshhhhh. Don’t tell Mrs. P. It’s a surprise!

Here are their own words that first drew me in: “We were asked to create our first Teacher gift of the year and we put a lot of creative energy into this one…we ALWAYS want to recycle and this apple has it all . A pencil #2 , world map, a book cover and a book page. This one is for a Teacher here in Dallas 🍎”

Check them out. You will be kicking yourself that it took you so long to find them.



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