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One of my FTM (first time mom) regrets is not having professional newborn pictures made of River. Time went by so fast before I knew it a month had flown by. Dealing with the aftermath of PUPPPs, where my entire body broke out in a horrible, itchy rash and just being slightly overwhelmed with learning how to be a mom it somehow just never happened. When his first “Monthday” arrived I realized I at least had to start keeping up with his obligatory monthly photos until I got around to getting them professionally done.

Here are the top apps and cites I’ve used to create some amateur mom photography.

  1.  Fotofuze:

I found an adorable airplane print children’s chair at Homegoods for the nursery that I knew I would be taking his monthly pictures in but I wanted something a little different for a newborn style photo.  I was thinking simple, clean background to give it a professional feel so decided to use this awesome site just for that! All you need is a white (or grey) sheet or background of some sort (I used my very dingy white couch), load it to the site,  follow instructions and VOiLA!  It magically turns it into the beautiful, crisp image!  FABULOUS! It’s 100% free which makes it even better. I didn’t even use my professional camera this came off of my cell phone.

IMG_0106 - Copy


IMG_0106 (1)
I found a little Mudpie crochet puppy outfit in his drawer. It was a newborn size and the hat was slightly too small but oh well. I couldn’t find this exact one but I did find an adorable lion one on Mupie site. Just click the picture to go to the link.

2.  PicMonkey:

This cite is pretty amazing too.  It’s a very simple version of photoshop. There is a free and paid option. I go ahead and pay for it because I use it so much it’s completely worth it to me. This cite has limitless possibilities. Here is just a sample of a picture I thought was really cute I took with my camera but was just too dark so I edited it a bit in picmonkey.



 3.  BabyPics App:

So this one is my new favorite for my phone! I just stumbled across an ad on Instagram and decided to give it a shot. It’s absolutely perfect for your monthly photos as well as tons of other features for pregnancy bump pics, baby’s firsts or just everyday fun! Here is River in his adorable little air plane chair! I just found this app for the 3 month pic but I went back and did the best I could to make them look cohesive. My goal this year is to have my photography reflect a distinctive style but it’s a work in progress! 


4. BeautyPlus App

I have to admit this one is a bit of a guilty pleasure and it’s so addicting. It can photoshop anyone into a goddess but I like to use it for getting that bright, airy look in my photos. River (and I) had some break outs after he was born and with one simple tap of a button the editor can smooth out all of the blemishes. At first I felt a bit weird “photoshopping” my baby (am I already creating a complex for my son by editing the way he looks?) but honestly when I look at him, breakout or not, I see the most beautiful creature in the world and I want the photos to reflect what I see in him.

Christmasmudpie hat

5. Instagram:

So I thought everyone and their Grandmas were using Instagram but after talking to a few random people lately that doesn’t seem to be the case. If you aren’t using Instagram you should be and here’s why. Even if you do not want to surf Instagram you can keep your account private and just upload, edit and add really cool filters to all of your favorite photos for safe keeping. There are even companies that specifically create books/prints for your Instagram creations. Seriously, create an account and start using it!

 So there you have it! Happy creating!


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