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Take Back Your Hair Health With Monat Hair Care

 For the most part, everyone has particular haircare needs and their favorite, swear by products. I, however, have never been a “hair person”, or had any preference on what goes in my hair. My criteria for shampoo was simple- does it smell good? Awesome, in the buggy it went. With having thick and naturally curly hair, I have always struggled with frizz, fly aways, and coarse/ damaged ends (mostly due to the amount of heat I use to straighten it). Plus, adding motherhood on top of that…well, we will just say there is a reason it’s called a “mom bun”. Once I was introduced to Monat, I instantly fell in love. My hair became shiny, the ends (and overall) were softened, and it was MANAGEABLE! Aside from the shampoo and conditioner, I want to share my personal Monat favorites with you. And, they are just that- my personal opinion and experience using them.

1. Rejuvabeads and Replenish Masque-

I think these were sent from the hair gods themselves! The Rejuvabeads are targeted hair repair that mends split ends and damaged areas along the hair shaft. They also help to eliminate breakage and frizz all while smoothing your hair. With having layered hair, you could always see exactly where my layers started and stopped. Simply from the bands of coarse, frayed ends. Since I’ve started using this every 2-3 washes, my layers are incredibly soft and have a more normal “transition”. Not to mention, I don’t have spilt ends to pull apart anymore. The Replenish Masque has helped tremendously in hydrating my heat damaged hair. I seriously have a Herbal Essence experience in the shower with this 🙂

 2. Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive-

With a blend of 13 oils, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this oil can be applied to most anything- literally! I have used it for a multitude of applications (dry lips, cracked skin, acne areas, mine and Sawyer’s scalp, burns, makeup remover), but my most favorite has been adding a drop or two into my facial lotion. My skin is what you would call “combination” and I go back and forth between face lotions trying to find the right balance. Adding this into my $10 Neutrogena lotion has made a world of difference. And to that, I no longer have to moisturize my face twice a day. 

Those fly aways I spoke of earlier are a thing of the past- which has been incredible for me! Typically, the second humidity hits my hair that’s all she wrote. Last Sunday was my “wash day” so I did my whole routine (which included Blow Out Cream) and low and behold it was disgusting and raining the second we walked out for Church. The Blow Out Cream held up it’s end of the bargain AND I even wore my hair down the following day with just a shot of the blow dryer.

I think when we are young we take for granted the amount of “me time” we give to ourselves. Insert kids, work, house, yard, pets- forget about it. Time for yourself is as close to nonexistent as anything could possibly get. I have grappled with this idea of losing my identity since becoming a mother and becoming a widow even deepened that. So, needless to say, fixing my hair or putting on makeup was the last thing I cared about- let alone had time for. But as Sawyer gets a little older, I am finding bits and pieces of myself and I have made it a priority to do things that make me feel like my own person again. As cheesy as this sounds, Monat has helped me accomplish that. I feel refreshed wearing my hair down and saying “NO” to the mom bun I’ve worn for 3 years. If Monat is something you would like to learn more about or give a try, I would love to talk to you about not only your hair care needs, but how can I help you get a piece of yourself back.


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