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I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren Harvill several years ago through a dear friend of mine and I immediately could tell she was an incredibly unique individual. No one, I mean no one, could rock a rat tail (YES! You heard me right) like Lauren could. When I met Lauren she was a college student at Georgia State University studying Fine Arts and Design. She graduated with her Bachelors in Fine Arts and went on to do amazing work in the graphic design field and eventually ventured out on her own as a freelancer, designing custom logos and branding.


I had been struggling for some time trying to design the logo I had in mind for CMB but finally came to the realization that graphic design was just not a strength of mine. Lauren graciously offered to help me bring life to the vision for our blog and she did not disappoint. Lauren not only met, but exceeded my expectations from start to finish. She listened, offered her professional advice and delivered exactly what I was hoping for. If you are a small business owner, blogger or anything of the like and looking for custom logos and branding, you should definitely consider Lauren Harvill


As it turns out, as many artists do, Lauren has other creative outlets. Working with her over the last few weeks I saw a glimpse of her passion to show her crafty side beyond the computer realm. She makes unique and affordable macrame pieces that transport you to another time and brings a distinctive taste for art into your home. CMB is major advocate for small business and she is the epitome of the American Dream with aspirations to share a little piece of her passion to all of her customers.

Lauren shared this with me that I thought was so endearing and a true testament to her character:

“We moved to Los Angeles last year, and I think that’s probably where I got my inspiration…just being out west in Arizona and this amazing little place called Ojai, CA made me want to pursue something more than just doing design on a computer. The name Trust is a combination of the names of our dogs  “Todd” and “Rust,” who are literally my whole world. We love them to death. I’m starting out with macrame, but ideally, we would like to create a brand that embodies the style Sean and I have come to love…kinda like a minimalist, coastal, western, eclectic vibe. We’re actually in the process of maybe creating pottery and selling them with some plant hangers. We’d like to start attending farmer’s markets and maybe one day we can have a little store.”

Newly engaged, perfectly in sync



When I saw Willow in her Etsy Shop, I just HAD to have it. While I am not investing too much in decorating because I have 4 toddler boys who wreak havoc every day of the week on our home, this is something that will add dimension to our walls and hanging high enough, will not be destroyed by curious little hands. I am in the process of creating a gallery wall and this piece will be a staple of the outcome. The best part is they can also be an amazing gift for that special someone in your life that is impossible to buy for. I have many who come to mind and they all will be receiving one of these one-of-a-kind pieces of art from Trust Co. Goods in the near future!

Trust Co. Goods
Trust Co. Goods
Trust Co. Goods
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