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Who, What, Hair! with Stylist Patrick Crawford

Atlanta Hairstylist ||

Atlanta is saturated with talented (and sometimes not so talented) hairstylists but finding the one that can bring out your best self is no easy feat. I have tried 2-3 stylists at every big (and some small) named salons over the last 9 years and while I was happy with some of them no one ever really STUCK. They would either move up in the ranks and become too expensive, leave the salon or I would move away from the area and thus forcing me to look for someone new. After becoming increasingly unhappy with a stylist I was using close to my home I started reaching out to others for some referrals. It came in the most unlikely place. My Mom, who lives 4 hours away from me, had mentioned her stylist she uses and that he actually lives in Atlanta. I got very excited! I had been telling my Mom for the last year that her hair had looked better than ever and whoever was doing it was definitely doing it right!

Enter, Patrick. I saw him for the first time right before Christmas and immediately fell in love with him. He greeted me at the door with his gorgeous smile and a warm hug making me instantly feel at ease. He had no easy task ahead because I was going through a bit of an identity crisis since having River and becoming a “Mom.” He graciously listened to my flip flopping back and forth and then went to work! He gave me the cutest haircut that was easy to manage and didn’t take a lot of maintenance but the BEST part was infectious personality. He was so fun to talk to. I felt like I had known him for years. He wasn’t afraid to be honest with me about what he thought would and would not work for me. He is an independent stylist so he has a private suite where it’s just the 2 of you. I loved the personal feel over the massive salons that always seemed to swallow me whole when I walked through the door.

Fast-forward 5 months and my low maintenance ‘do was in need of some SERIOUS help! I have been eyeing a short cut for some time now but I know it’s hard to pull off with a round face. I love to change my hairstyle but sometimes I am lost when it comes to what would actuallly compliment my features. It’s so easy to get sucked in to the misconception that just because your favorite actress looks great with a certain cut doesn’t necessarily mean it would look right on you…or any hair model for that matter.PicMonkey Collage

So after talking to him about going shorter he asked “do you trust me?” I obliged that I did and again he went to work. He’s in the zone and I am excited about what he is going to reveal. Well, he NAILED IT! It was very different for me but I loved it. It’s been 2 months and I think it’s at this “perfect” stage where I want to maintain it at this length and do some FUN color! I get TONS of compliments on my
haircut and while it’s not for everyone it’s perfect for me.


Literally on the beach all day and rode in a convertible Jeep and it STILL LOOKS GOOD!

IMG_7005 IMG_7001 IMG_6999

So if you are looking for a new hairstylist in the Atlanta area I highly recommend reaching out to Patrick! Can’t wait to continue my hair journey with him!

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  • Love your hair!!! I need a new hair stylist since mine had recently retired from the hair business. I am truly sad since she was amazing. Would love to try out your hair stylist.

    • Hi Trang! He’s amazing and SO MUCH FUN! I will shoot him your number! Please let him know you’re my friend!


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