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Booking Our Travel ||

Five years ago on our honeymoon in Puerta Aventuras, Mexico we met a Canadian couple who we instantly connected with and now have become very good friends of ours. Even though we don’t get to see each other very often, when we do connect, we easily pick up right where we left off! They live in Vancouver, B.C. and Luke and I had been desperately wanting to take a trip to the Pacific Northwest and cross over to see them in Canada. Getting pregnant and then of course River being born put a hold on our plans for a while but we decided to wait no longer and packed up our little family when Riv was 9 months and headed to the West Coast!

IMG_5731We booked our flights with Southwest frequent flyer points that my hubs gains for traveling for work. These points have been exponentially helpful in our hunger to travel. We haven’t paid for a flight in probably 3 years and believe me when I say we fly A LOT! River has already taken 6 round trip flights along with a few one-leggers so I would say he’s already a flying expert! I do have to brag on him some because so far he has been an excellent travel buddy. He always makes friends with anyone sitting around us and instead of causing the people to dread the flight I would go as far to say that he probably made it a little more enjoyable with his infection laugh and sweet, flirty smile!

View flying over Washington

So, back to our trip. We flew direct from Atlanta to Seattle and then planned to drive across the border into Canada to visit our friends in Vancouver, B.C.  We arrive in Seattle, although slightly jet lagged, without a glitch! We use National for our car rental purposes and again, use points accumulated through Luke’s travel and as an Executive member we get to choose pretty much any vehicle on the lot and we had approximately 6 free rental days so overall did not spend much on the rental car.

Of course traveling with an infant to a different time zone was my first concern of how well the trip would start but even with a 3 hour difference he adjusted amazingly well. I kept trying to think about the time “at home” he would be napping and soon got over that and just let him nap when it was time and kept him up slightly longer the first night and he immediately fell into the routine but with ONE large problem the first night in Seattle…he woke up at 3 a.m. screaming bloody murder and running a 102 degree fever. His first fever…EVER! We immediately gave him Tylenol and I began to nurse him and he calmed down and the fever broke within an hour. He woke up the next morning with his first (and HORRIBLE) head cold/sinus infection…I could go on and on about how sick he was but I will just leave it there. He was sick…nothing we could do about it. We were out there and just had to make the best of what we could. It slowed us down some and we didn’t get to necessarily see and do EVERYTHING we wanted but we made it work.

Seattle ||

So I know I keep mentioning these travel points but we also have them through Hilton properties as well so we booked our stay at the Homewood Suites Downtown Seattle. It was important for us to have a suite style hotel so we could put Riv down in his pack-n-play and be able to shut the door to the bedroom when he went to bed. While we had to spend a lot of time in this hotel room letting Riv rest and keeping him out of the cool Seattle rain and wind we did get out and see a few staple places to visit while in the “Emerald City.”

  1. Pike Place Market: 

    IMG_9163 This is probably the biggest tourist attraction in the city. It’s a very hustle and bustle farmer’s market with rows and rows of fresh seafood, local fare, and crafts from local artisans. It’s highly recommended to please park and walk the market and not try to drive through the streets. Seriously, just don’t! This is also where the original Starbucks is located.IMG_9184Pike_place_collage

    So much character and art!

    IMG_9215 (2)
    IMG_5760We stopped for lunch at Emmett Watson’s Oyster Bar. The Pacific oysters weren’t as good to us as we get on East Coast. They were a little “dirty” tasting to us but their Clam Chowder was actually very good and worth the stop! I ordered the Seafood Gumbo and wasn’t very impressed so I tried Luke’s chowder and had to order my own cup!

  2. cute_mom_blog_seattle_space_needle

    Seattle Space Needle: 

    It was pretty cold and windy the last full day we were in Seattle before we headed up to Canada but decided to try the Space Needle before we left. It was pretty cool and fun to see the City from the top. It had several interactive and educational activities for the visitors. It was a bit on the pricier side as far as taking a larger family (in my opinion). Especially, just for a “view” and ride up an elevator.13432264_10102825293451401_3978297959398829705_n 13419181_10102825293511281_2067536147025097562_n 13415511_10102825293700901_3574187736621111860_ocute_mom_blog_history_of_flight

3.  Museum of Flight:

I have to say this museum was worth every penny! I was in awe of all of the planes and fun interactive things for even babies to do! We did this actually on our very last day of our trip when we headed back to Seattle to prepare to fly home. If you have little ones or even just fascinated with the history of flight you should check this place out! It even has a space exhibit! 13435322_10102825299439401_4825941479675330370_nmuseum__of_flight_cute_mom_blog

Official JFK’s Air Force One!
Because why wouldn’t you take a bathroom selfie on Air Force One!

Overall, Seattle was a pretty cool little city!

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